Villains are the other team for the next season, I'll be asking around for everyone or whatever xD


Confirmed VillainsEdit

Nathan (Season 4) - XrosHearts

Noah (Season 4) - NZ Man123

Lindsay (Newcomer) - Eros123

Ezekiel (Season 1 and 4)- Roy49

Eva (Newcomer)- Youre2490

Wysal (Newcomer)-Youre2490

Pat(Newcomer) - Roy49

Beth(Newcomer) - Eros123

Izzy(Season 4) - Zannabanna

Leo (Newcomer) - Bakura13(Switched to Heroes)

Josh (Season 4) - NZ Man123 (Switched to Heroes)

Elimination OrderEdit

Lindsay, First Eliminated of Villains, 18th

Pat, Second Eliminated of Villains, 16th/17th

Noah, Third Eliminated of Villains, 15th

Eva, Fourth Eliminated of Villains, 13th

Nathan, Fifth Eliminated of Villains, 9th

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