Total Drama Motel is the 6th season in the series.

Elimination OrderEdit

21st- Xiaoyu (played by Eros)

20th- Devon (played by TotalDramaFan90)

19th- Dante (played by NZ Man123)

18th- Luke (played by XrosHearts)

17th- Alex (played by Eros)

16th- David (played by XrosHearts)

15th- Harold (played by Scienceboy0)

14th- Raven (played by Zannabanna)

13th- Jake (played by Zannabanna)

12th- Leo (played by Bakura)

11th- The Doctor (played by Scienceboy0)

10th- Steve (Played by NZ Man123)

9th- Cyrus (played by Taygen Teagen)

8th- Laura (played by Stars&Straps)

7th- Aaron (Played by TaygenTeagan)

6th- Jun (Played by Bakura13)

Still in the running- Mike, Sally, Flare, Zoey, Electra,

Elimination Kind-Of TableEdit

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