A page for a Neighborhood RP with no competition but hopefully the same amount of drama, yeah. This is non-canonical so yeah. Yay.


1. Bill - The Mellow Amnesiac - TF

2. Phil - The True Gentleman - TF

3. Duke - The Loyal Friend - TF

4. Leonardo - The Mature Archer - TF

5. Leo - That One Chick who looks like a Guy - DRL

6. Viola - The Riddler - DRL 

7. Cliff - The Lonely Boy - DRL

8. Eliot - The Fighter - DRL

9. Kenneth - The Monster Hunter - RR44

10. Taco - The Random One - RR44

11. Ezekiel - The Gentle Giant - RR44

12. Janice - The Hippy Girl - RR44

13. Lara - The Girlfriend - LxJ

14. Lily - The Sweet Girl - LxJ

15. Nathan - The Blonde Wise Man - LxJ

16. Rin - The Little Vocaloid Sister - LxJ



Cliff and Rin

Viola and Leonardo



Cliff and Bill (one sided on Cliff's side)

Episode 1Edit

Phil: *walking out of moving truck* Looks like I can finally start my new life. For the third move this year. *looks around* This is a big Neighborhood, I wonder...............

-In this Neighborhood you all reside, drama can begin at any moment and blah-

Cliff: *is just there*

Leo: *gets out of truck with Eliot* YAY! WE'RE HERE! YAY!

Eliot: YAY!

Bill: *sleeping in house*

Phil: *looking around* This is a big neighborhood..........I wonder where everyone is.......

Viola: *Parks truck, accidentally running over Phil*  Oh, I didnt forsee that happening. Are you alright?

Phil: *underneath wheels* No I'm fine............though I wouldn't mind you moving your truck elsewhere, but that's just a suggestion.

Viola: Oh, yeah, probably. *walks away*

Phil: *sighs* I'll get out of here eventually.

Leonardo: *walking by* .................That's the fifth mover ran over in the neighborhood this week. Reckless.

Phil: Hey do you, by chance, know how to get me out of here?

Leonardo: Who's truck is this? I'll go talk to them.

Phil: I have no clue, I'm too busying being under here to be able to look at the person.

Rin: *arrives* YAY *___*  *runs around* !!!!!!

Nathan: *walks* Hello everybody

Viola: *comes back* Oh yeah, there was a guy under here. *Moves truck, then accidentally runs over Leonardo*

Phil: I should probably report this to someone. Don't worry, I'll go call someone for help.

Leonardo: ..................I've been through worse.

Rin: EHY ??! where are the all ?! and who are these guys ??!!!! 

Police Man: *Looks at Viola, not caring about Leonardo* YOU PARKED IN A NO-PARK ZONE, YOU MAKE ME SICK >.> *Tows VIola's truck*

Rin: Police man ?! *Runs to the police man...ahahhaah Hello :)

Viola: Oh well, I needed a Ferari anyway.....

Cliff: *sleeping in his room*

Police Man: *looks at Rin* YOU'RE STANDING IN A NO STAND ZONE, YOU MAKE ME SICK >.> *Arrests Rin*

Rin: AHHHHH !!!!!!!!! NO NO !!!! I'M YOUNG FOR BE ARREST !!!!! 

Leo: *laughs*


Phil: That police man is easily irritated isn't he? I should probably go help out the girl before he ends up putting her to electocution. *follows the Police Man*

Rin: nooooo plz nooo *Cries* ahhhh !! HELP MEEE !!!!! *CRIES*

Phil: *to Police Man* Excuse me, sir?

Police Man: WHAT!?

Phil: She's a first offender for a low-leveled crime, thus she can't be arrested, only given some sort of ticket.

Police Man: But arresting people is fun. ):

Phil: I bet it is, but for now you must let her go.

Police Man: FINE! *Lets Rin go*

Rin: YAY !!!! *Hugs Phil* YOU SAVE ME *Laughs* yesss ahahahahah :DDDDDDDD

Lara: Hey...who is crying....i'm trying sleep okay ? shut up little girl....

Phil: I should probably help that guy who got ran over now. *leaves to help Leonardo*

Rin: Thanks :) Hai Lara, f*** you and bye........*serches for Cliff* 

Duke: *walks out of his house* Why is so much stuff happening in the morning?

Cliff: *still sleeping in his room*

Lily: *appears* i don't know duke......

Rin: CLIFF ?! CLIFF ?!!!

Phil: *Helps Leonardo up* Is that a little better?

Leonardo: I'm fine. Thanks.

Phil: No problem.

Rin: .........*sees Cliff asleep* CLIFFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! *Throws water to Cliff* 

Cliff: *wakes up, screams*

Rin: ahahahahahhaha how are you ?!

Cliff:........Y-your here....?

Bill: *wakes up and looks outside* Well there are a couple people here..........I should probably say hi.

Leo: *runs up to Bill* HAI!

Bill: Hey.

Leo: Whats your name? My name's Leo. My boyfriends over there. *points at Eliot* Wassup?

Rin: sure i'm here, BILLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan: Hello 

Bill: *to Leo, not hearing Rin* I'm Bill. And not much, you?

Rin: <.<.......*walks to Cliff* ......

Leo: Not much. I think that girl over there was shouting for you.


Bill: *to Leo* What girl?

Leo: Um......Blonde hair........Seemed to know you....

Bill: ..........Hmm...........

Leo: *looks upwards* Oh, her name was Ri-



Bill: Ri.............Rin?

Leo: Yeah.

Kenneth: *with thunder* 'ello, I'm Kenneth, I hunt monsters.

Nathan: Hello Kenneth, oh wow a Hunt monstersT

Taco: That's nothin'! You should see what I do! *barfs a lemon*

Nathan: wow impressive !! 

Lily: *sees taco* NO! You are here ?!! Damn !

Taco: *sees Lily* NO! You're here?! Damn!

Eliot: *walking around*

Leonardo: *jumps onto a tree branch and looks out for any enemies*

Viola: *On tree branch with Leonardo* Hmmmm, you appear very cautious for some reason. Are there any enemies you expect to come here?

Leonardo: Kind of............they all eventually come hunting for me.

Viola: Fascinating, usually some people come for me believing my ability to be fake.

Leonardo: Ability?

Viola: Oh, right. Im a fortune teller. 

Leonardo: That's good. Though a lot of people think Fortune Tellers are scammers.

Viola: tell me about it.......

Cliff: *falls back alseep*

Leonardo: Ye- *sees a group of soldiers* .......*Whispers* Get down.........

Viola: No need. *crystal ball trips some of the soldiers*

Remaining Soldiers: O'ER HERE! THE DAEIN AND OTHER! *Surround Leonardo and Viola and start throwing spears*

Leonardo: Drats! *grabs bow and arrow and starts firing*

Viola: *crystal ball returns to her*

Leonardo: *fires multiple arrows*

Last Two Soldiers: *stab Leonardo with silver lances*

Leonardo:'s me they want.

Viola: I think not. I foresee me alongside you in this battle.......yeah........*crystal ball smacks enemies*

One of the last Soldiers: *dies*

Last Soldier: You'll pay Dawn Brigade! PAY! *Runs off*

Leonardo: .........Ow...........

Viola: See, im not totally useless arent I?

Leonardo: No you're not, and I never thought you were.........thanks............

Viola: Your welcome!

Leo: Awwww, why did you guys have to finish them off without me? I was gonna break some necks! >.>

Leonardo: Um..........sorry? Ow..........I'm gonna go back to my hideout in the Neighborhood and see if I have any elixirs..........see you around everyone.............*disappears*

Eliot: Leo, what just happened? 

Leo: I just missed a fight, I havent been in a fight since I was La Cazadora.

Duke: *walking around neighborhood randomly*

Cliff: *wakes up* .........hmmmmmm............*starts taking a walk*

Duke: *walking around looking for any visitors then stops* Looks like there are none today.

Cliff: *accidentally bumps into Duke*.....O-ooops........sorry....

Duke: It's fine.

Cliff: .......M-my name's.........Cliff..........What's yours........?

Duke: I'm Duke, nice to meet you Cliff. Please don't tell me you're secretly trying to steal my wallet.

Cliff:.........n-no......see...? *takes wallet from Duke, then puts it back in his pocket*

Lily: Hey Taco nice to see you here ^-^ (CONF) **** Taco is here !!!

Duke: *to Cliff* Oh.......good. Ever since I won TDN5 people have been trying to steal my wallet. Anyways Cliff, why are you walking around? Thoughts on your head?


Duke: Ah. I'll leave you to it then. See you around Cliff. *walks away*

Cliff:.......*sighs, keeps walking*


Leonardo: *underground, grabs elixir and drinks it* ..............Alright I feel better. Best I stay down here..........I don't want anyone else to have to go into fighting.

Cliff:*to leo*.........u-uh....................hey.....................

Leonardo: *underground*

Random Guy in there: NINJA TURTLE, GET IT CUZ YOU'R- *kicked out*

Viola: *With leonardo* Fascinating.........

Leonardo: Wait, when did you get in? And were you the one who let that random guy here?

Viola: Ive been in here for about a half hour. And that guy came in for a reading.

Leonardo: why are you here?

Viola: Because Im bored......And I forgot to buy a house, so Im living underground.

Leonardo: Oh........well, um, I guess that makes us neighbors?

Viola: hmmm, I suppose the more logical term would be roomates, but yes, neighbors.

Leonardo: Wait, you live in the exact same spot underground?

Viola: Yes, is that a problem?

Leonardo: No, I just didn't know.

Viola: Oh, good. 

Leo: *still hugging Cliff*

Cliff: *face turns blue*

Leonardo: what?

Random Guy Again: TEENAGE MUTAN- *Thrown out*

Eliot: Uh, Leo, I think Your suffocating that boy.

Leo: Oh yeah, I was hugging him. *lets go*

Cliff: *gasping for air*


Leo: AAAAHHH RANDOM PERSON! *breaks Random guy's neck*

Leonardo: *under ground, checking above for any enemies*

Viola: Dont worry, I foresaw no enemies.

Enemy: *walking around looking for Leonardo*

Viola:............................Yeah, you should probably put your head down now.

Leonardo: *stops looking* Yeah...........

Viola: So, you got any food in here?

Leonardo: There are some snacks in the pantry.

Viola: hmmmmmmm *gets an apple*

Enemy: Hmm...........


Enemy: *shoots RG and goes underground alone* BEGINON IS TOO GOOD FOR PUNKS LIKE YOU!

Leonardo: .............Random guy showed you here didn't he?

Enemy: Yeah I killed him afterwards. NOW DIE! *Is about to go stab Leonardo*

Leonardo: *shoots arrow at Enemy*

Viola: Ugh..........*magic ball trips enemy*

Enemy: OW! *Throws spear at Viola from the ground*

Leonardo: *takes hit* Ow.........not as bad as last time.

Viola: Ugh, geez. Just because im a woman doesnt mean im fragile. *slits Enemy's throat with her weird claw hand thingy*

Enemy: *splits in ten* MUAHAHAHA! BET YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING US INSTEAD OF BEGINON! *Turn into laguz and start clawing Viola*

Leonardo: Laguz?! But you never.........split into more..........what?

Laguz: WELL SHUT UP, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT WE DO ON THE WEEKENDS >.> *Continue to claw Viola, as more spawn and come after Leonardo*

Viola: Argh! *crystal ball bonks some Laguz on the head*

Random Laguz: THE PAIN, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE IT *Jumps Viola and begins to claw her furiously in the face*

Leonardo: Hmm.................oh wait they're just cat laguz. Maybe..........*throws chew toy outside* Go get it!

All Laguz: MINE! *Jump outside*

Leonardo: *fires multiple arrows in an attempt to kill them*

Viola: *on the ground* Oof..........

Leonardo: *finishes off the remaining Laguz* I'll have to clean that up later. *to Viola* You alright? I have some elixirs if you need any?

Viola: Nah Im fine. 

Leonardo: You sure, those Laguz might've left a wound?

Viola: Yes Im sure. Now when do we go back above ground, I dont think being underground 24 seven is very healthy.

Leonardo: When the coast is clear, I guess.

Viola: Good, lets go *Goes above ground*

Leonardo: *gets above ground* Well, you probably shouldn't be near me above here if you're trying to avoid enemy danger. I hate people getting hurt because of me being chased.......anyways I'll see you later.

Viola: Oh alright, see you later.

Cliff: *still gasping for air*

Leo: Dude, are you ok?

Cliff:.........O-okay.......Im good.......

Leonardo: *walking vigilantly*

Leo: *Hugs Leonardo* YAY! A FRIEND!!!

Leonardo: What?

Leo: IDK, im just ina  good mood.

Leonardo: Oh, alright........can you let me go now?

Leo: oh, sure *Lets go* 

Leonardo: Thanks.

Leo: So, who are you and whatcha doin?

Leonardo: I'm Leonardo of the Dawn Brigade and I'm looking out for any enemies I might encounter. Who are you?

Leo: Im Leo, and these are the 2 people that look like me! *points at Leo and Cliff*

Leonardo: You'd obviously look like yourself though......


Eliot: Leo Im gonna go look for a house......wait......did we buy a house....?

Leo: Its that one. *points*

Leonardo: Well it was nice meeting all of you. See you around. *disappears and then appears underground*

Viola:oh, your back.

Leonardo: You're already here?

Viola: Why wouldnt I be?

Rin: *waits*

Leonardo: Nevermind, was being above ground?

Viola: Fascinating.

Cliff: *goes to Rin*.....H-hey........whats up...?

Leonardo: *to Viola* I see.

Viola: Yeah.

Leonardo: *receives a letter from a bird* Huh? *reads it* A meeting, now? Sorry Viola, I must be on my way, unless you want to come to if you're that bored?

Viola: Yeah, I suppose. 

Leonardo: Alright. *gets above ground and gets on top of a tree branch* Beginon or Laguz might be out here. *hops from tree branch to tree branch until he gets to the middle of the forest* Alright, destination found.

Viola: *Sitting on crystal ball as it floats to destination*

Leonardo: I'm here-

Beginon Soldier: HA! HOW GULLIBLE! YOU ACTUALLY CAME! Well.........not gullible because we actually used Micaiah's hand-writing and bird because we kidnapped her along with the rest of your bratty Dawn Brigade. IT'S JUST YOU NOW!

Leonardo: may think you have the upper-hand now, but I brought my weapon just in case!

Beginon Soldier: And so did I! WE MUST FIGHT!

Leonardo: Fine by me!

Viola: *sighs*

Leonardo: Sorry about the third fight in a row...........everyone's after me. >.>

Viola: Why do people hate you so much? *sighs* nvm, we can go into that later. *uses crsytal ball to trip enemies*

Leonardo: *shooting multiple arrows*

Beginon Soldier: DANG IT, WHY YOU GOTTA BRING SOMEONE ELSE, BRO? Y U DO DIS >.< *Cries then dies to an arrow in the chest* BLARGH!

Leonardo: ..........That guy sucked. Let's get out of here before any reinforcement comes. *disappears and appears back underground*

Viola: Ok, you have some explaining to do. Why the f*** are people constantly trying to kill you?

Leonardo: I'm part of the Dawn Brigade, a group trying to help the poor people of Daein who were put under Beginon's control after the war with Crimea where out Mad King commited many bad deeds. We also try to liberate Daein from Beginon and help those in need. As for the laguz, they just hate humans unless someone can speak the native tongue to tell them we're not enemies.

Viola: Oh, k.

Leonardo: Sorry for dragging you into three battles, but yeah.

Viola: Its fine, im armed. You wouldnt have lived if it wasnt for me.

Leonardo: Yeah, you have my thanks for helping me in the first battle greatly.


Lily: soo..........Hai guys

Rin: LILY !!!! HEYYY !!!! :DDDD *Hugs Lily* there is Bill,Cliff,Lily,Me,Taco yayyyy.....

Lily: yeah and new people: Viola,Leo,Leonardo,Duke from other Negiborhood

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