The Final 13 have to confess and race, where only 8 confess. One team has more racers than the others, so the other team is put at a major disadvantage, but at the end the team with no racers win, where it is also revealed that a Coconut is faster than a Strategist, and The Pain-Giver is voted off.

Episode 7Edit

In the beginning, Leo is hurt by her former capturers, while Duke is caught up with past affairs. Wysal & Leo begin a rivalry after Wysal's rudeness to Duke and Leo. Wysal makes fun of Leo's strength causing her to run and cry away, while Wysal wonder what her problem is, much to Duke's dismay. Josh returns, as well and also begins a conflict with Wysal to protect Leo.

The challenge begins, where Chris has everyone confess something to go into next round. Leo confesses she has two children, Ezekiel confesses he has a perm, Mr. Coconut and Izzy's were obvious things, Nathan confesses he's in love, Cody confesses he stole candy from Chef's old stash. Josh confesses he has no home, and Duke confesses the true reason he's competing. They each move on to the next round. The next round is a relay race, where the villains are put to a disadvantage due to only three of them confessing against heroes' six. Nathan takes a while to run, while Josh, Cody, Mr. Coconut, and Duke breeze past Nathan.

Nathan finally finishes, and Izzy finishes fast, then it's down to Ezekiel and Leo, but Leo manages to finish, despite Chris' new handicap on her. The villains go to the Elimination Ceremony, were Eva and Wysal are the bottom two for their own reason and Eva is sent home, despite Leo's tantrum of why Wysal should have gone.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Bev NZ Man123
Martin Roy49
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Leo Bakura13
Wysal Youre2490
Eva Youre2490
Izzy Zannabanna
Mr. C Zannabanna
Nathan XrosHearts
Josh NZ Man123
Ezekiel Roy49
Beth Eros123
  • The Doctor appears but has no lines


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