The fifth season begins where new and old people join in. An angered person from his elimination meets his fan, a loyal strategist, while a rich kid makes an alliance with an idiot and her friend. The challenge begins where the rich kid shows their skills in mountain climbing winning it for the villains, despite only two competing. In the end, the Party Dude goes home.

Episode 1Edit

Chris announces the new season and brings in a cast with a mix of new and old into this season. But before they can start the chatting and introducing, two from each team must say I which are Beth and Josh. They switch teams. Leo, introduces itself first, then followed by an intern named Bev. Leo, quickly makes an alliance with Lindsay and Beth, while Josh meets a fan from his last season performance, named Duke.

When Cody and David arrive it is revealed, some other vets will be joining this season, not just from season 4, much to Leo's dismay. Chris reveals the place of the show is still in a neighborhood, the same as four of the five seasons. Josh then finds out, that there are only enough houses for 15, not 16 of them, which Chris doesn't answer to.

The Doctor arrives strangely, being called by Chris a freak and is placed on the heroes team, where Cody and Duke greet their teammate, until The Doctor thanks Cody for giving him pants in the future. Leo then reveals he's/she's in it for the lifetime supply of cheese, as he/she already has a lot of money. The challenge begin where Duke, Cody, and Leo gain a head start. However, The Doctor, Ezekiel, and Pat also climb, while the others have a difficult time climbing.

In the end, Leo wins it for his/her team, despite their lack of participation. The heroes go to elimination where Geoff is voted out.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Martin Roy49
Bev NZ Man123
Duke TrentFan
Cody TrentFan
Leo Bakura13
The Doctor Scienceboy0
Josh NZ Man123
Pat Roy49
Ezekiel Roy49
Sally Henzzy
Lindsay Eros123
Beth Eros123
  • Nathan, David, Noah, Eva, Geoff, and Wysal appear but don't speak.


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