Total Drama Neighborhood 5 will have a certain are the so far confirmed members. I will be asking everyone if they could reprise their roles if needed.(A.K.A, I will be asking everyone who I want in this season)



Duke(Newcomer) - TrentFan

Cody (Season 1-3) - TrentFan

David (Season 1 and 2) - XrosHearts

Geoff (Season 4) - Henzzy

Sally (Season 4) - Henzzy

The Doctor (Newcomer) - Scienceboy0

Leo (Newcomer) - Bakura13

Josh (Season 4) - NZ Man123

Mr. Coconut(Newcomer) - Zannabanna

Cassidy (Newcomer) - TaygenTeagan

Beth (Newcomer) - Eros123(Switched to villains)

Pat (Newcomer)- Roy49(Switched to villains)

Elimination OrderEdit

Geoff, First Eliminated in Heroes, 19th

Sally, Second Eliminated in Heroes, 18th

David, Third Eliminated in Heroes, 16th/15th

Cassidy, Fourth Eliminated in Heroes, 13th

The Doctor, Fifth Eliminated in Heroes, 11th/10th

Leo, Sixth Eliminated in Heroes, 8th

The Doctor, Seventh Eliminated in Heroes, 6th/7th

Josh, Eight Eliminated in Heroes, 5th

Cody, Ninth Eliminated in Heroes, 4th

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