Henry, labeled The Twisted Mind Dark Mage, is a contestant on Total Drama: The Dark Neighborhood. He is played by TrentFan and was on the Panting Panthers team until "killed" in battle in Episode 3.


Henry is a strange fellow. A cheerful yet unusually cruel Dark Mage with a love for blood. He loves animals and having friends and hates abandonment. He is very friendly and always has a smile on his face, even if it's forced.


Nowi: In the first episode's team chat, Henry and Nowi played a game where Henry ended up getting eaten. Nowi then regurgitated him and he disappeared to take a shower. Afterwards, they're paired up in the first challenge and help each other get over their fears.

Bill: Bill and Henry bond a lot during "Battle of the Bands" even having a scene together. Henry also protects Bill twice in battle, only to lose his life in the second battle. Bill was saddened by his death, refusing to accept it.

Cliff: They hung out as a group of 4 and formed a band that won. Out of all his interactions, Cliff is the most minor friend of Bill and Nowi. When Henry died, Cliff sobbed.

Tharja: Tharja and Henry both come from Plegia.


Henry appears in "This isn't Halloween, This is just Plain Spooky" being one of the first to arrive with crows surrounding him. He then doesn't talk for a while. He is in the team's first chat and tells Bill if he needed anyone who needed to be hexed to tell Henry so he'd do it. Later he plays with Nowi and is eaten then regurgitated and then disappears and re-appears 10 minutes later only to disappear. He is paired in the first challenge with Nowi and both are among the first to finish, alongside Bill and Cliff.

In "Make your Mark" Henry helps Bill, Cliff, and Nowi battle to secure Bill's escape after his injury. Him along with Nowi are defeated but give them time to escape. He finds three notes, one which Nowi finds important. Later, he participates in the challenge and despite shooting his arrow, he doesn't get high enough points to get past round 1, however Lily wins the challenge for him and his team.

In "Battle of the Bands" he becomes closer to Bill, Cliff, and Nowi, and the three form a movie cheesy band and then a real band in the challenge. He makes the winning recommendation of performing "In the End" by Linkin Park and the band wins and gets to choose who to vote out from the Sharks. Along with his comrades, he votes Lara due to agreeing with everything they said.

In Episode 4, in another fight for Bill, Henry is falsely killed while protecting Donnel as repaying his debt. He is believed to die and Donnel takes his place in the show. Bill, Cliff, Nowi, and Donnel grieve while Chris only cared about losing a contestant.