Gramps, labeled the Strong Old Man, was a contestant in Total Drama Neighborhood 4. He was on Team Excelsior. He was the first Purple Bandito eliminated, placing 10th. He's played by Youre2490.

Gramps taking a nap.

What's Your Team NameEdit

Gramps didn't help with the team name but helped stopped the small argument between Ezekiel and Harold over the team color, stating they should just stick with Lime.

Minigame ManiaEdit

In Minigame Mania, Gramps was asked to join an alliance but due to being old didn't hear and left, he lost his challenge.

Camping CampersEdit

In Camping Campers, him and Alejandro went to a funeral leaving the Excelsior's handicapped.

Speech ScreechEdit

In Speech Screech, Gramps was excused but still voted off by Zeke for being old and to go back home to keep his good health.

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