Special Cameo, Cameron!

The losing team and winning team compete in a remake challenge. A Multiple Personality Disorder and The Indie Girl manage to get to the end and see an old friend, while the debuting sweetheart is the only one to make it out for her team. The losing team goes to elimination where the fiery redhead decides to vote out the English Tekken Boxer, and bids farewell.

Challenge 9Edit

The episode starts off with Zoey complimenting Mike on the job well done last episode. Mike's happy that he made the jump without switching into Svetlana. Meanwhile Steve and Aaron form a conflict, with Flare in the middle. The Ninja Turtles form an alliance to the final five.

Chris remakes the challenge from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island but with a Mutant Snake. Mike and Zoey both don't find this right but start running. The snake slowly starts taking everyone, until only Mike, Zoey, and Aaron are left. Zoey and Mike arrive in the cave and see a mysterious person who reveals himself to be Cameron, who alerts them that the snake is a machine built by him. Cameron tells them that it's hard to get past the snake.

Zoey, thinking for the sake of the team, uses Mike's personality, Svetlana to her advantage. Despite Mike wanting to conquer them. After confusing the snake to the point of exploding, Mike turns back to Mike. Cameron says Svetlana was amazing, leaving Mike confused. As Mike and Zoey grab hooks and Aaron arrives, Chris starts a song, which ends horribly.

At the end for having more members left, the Ninja Turtles win. The Shredded Cheese team go to elimination where Aaron and Steve vote against each other. Flare votes Steve, out of randomly choosing, leaving Chris to bid farewell to Steve who calls him a good dog, despite being human.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Cameron TrentFan
Mike TrentFan
Flare TrentFan
Zoey TDBackAroundtheWorld
Sally Henzzy
Cyrus TaygenTeagan
Aaron TaygenTeagan
Steve NZ Man123
Mutant Snake TrentFan
  • Laura appears but doesn't speak.


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