The final three have to get votes in the finale. A high IQ and natural leader are nervous, while the athletic girl doesn't mind winning or losing. The athletic girl is eliminated for having no votes, while the natural leader wins, thinking the high IQ should win, making the high IQ win a prize.

Episode 14Edit

Noah is sad and says that Josh should be in the final three, not him, but Samuel tries to cheer him up. They get a feast and eat, slowly, nervously, and sadly. The vote begins, where Gramps and Alejandro return and vote Noah, as well as Josh and Geoff, while Samuel gets Harold's and Ezekiel's. Sally gets none and is eliminated, but not before Samuel decides to quit and give Noah the win despite Noah already being ahead 4-2-0, where Noah gets the prize. A SUITCASE OF CHEESE! And the season is over.





Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Noah NZ Man123
Sally Henzzy
Ezekiel Roy49
Harold TrentFan
Gramps Youre2490
Alejandro Youre2490
Josh NZ Man123
Geoff Henzzy
Izzy Zannabanna
  • Frank and the rest of the losers appear and don't speak.
  • Ironically everyone who spoke has a character in next season, except Izzy