Duke, labeled The Loyal Strategist, is a contestant in Total Drama Neighborhood 5 on the heroes. His favourite colour is yellow, despite wearing a lot of blue. He was a fan of Josh last season. He is called The Sane Guy by Chris. Played by TrentFan. He later becomes host of the Neighborhood Series after Chris leaves.

Total Drama Neighborhood 5Edit

In this game, Duke plays a friendly and strategic game. He makes friendships with Josh, Leo, and mostly everyone. He ends up taking Mr. Coconut to the final two (after Leo and Josh were eliminated, leaving him the last in the friend triangle) and wins the votes because not many people are fans of being beaten by a Coconut. Duke shares his money with Josh and Leo.

Total Drama Toxic NeighborhoodEdit

In this season, Duke appears in "Unlucky Number Seven" where he helps Kobe out and is the one to contact Morgan Freeman after Kobe is killed in the play. He then thanks Morgan Freeman for letting him be in the play and leaves. His look in TDTN instead of his TDN5 attire, he wears a black fedora, a blue shirt with a black vest, and black jeans.

Duke will be the host of Episode 10 ("The Duke's Auction").

Total Drama Dark NeighborhoodEdit

Duke cameos in one of the challenges as an ally for a team and ends up being Kenneth's main ally due to everyone else being inactive on Kenneth's team. He's the only survivor of the challenge and vanishes afterwards.

Total Drama Neighborhood AnewEdit

Duke becomes host in Episode 9 of Total Drama Neighborhood Anew and appears regularly from then on. He has become more mature, friendly, more sane, but wonders where his life became so strange. He co-hosts with Morrigan and doesn't mind her unlike previous co-hosts: Chris and Peewee did. He specializes with a bow and arrow and can hold his own.


Duke fought with a sword in Dark Neighborhood, but now specializes in Bow & Arrows in Anew.

By some (DaRealLeon) Duke is considered a Main Protagonist of the series, along with Leo.