A host leaves to go to the movies where the other takes over. Meanwhile a debuter debuts and becomes a threat when she overhears an alliance's meeting. During the challenge, the contestants must dress up a bear in clown costumes, but the contestants had to wake themselves up in which only two managed to do. After the debuter wins, she gains the respect of one alliance member and a Disneyland Reward.

Episode 8Edit

This episode starts off with Chris announcing that Izzy will be debuting the competition, which makes everyone shocked. Then Ezekiel and Samuel invite Noah to an alliance which Izzy overhears. Ezekiel quickly considers Izzy a threat and stops talking about it to when the subject changes to talking about The Hunger Games and Twilight. After that, Chris announces he will be going to the movies and that Frank will be in charge. After a few hours of waiting, the challenge begins, however most of the people are asleep.

Ezekiel and Izzy begin working on the challenge of putting clown make up on a bear. This is where Izzy reveals to be nicer than before and gains Ezekiel's trust, she then asks to join the alliance in which Ezekiel states that he will talk to Samuel and Noah about it. Then Izzy wins the challenge and takes Ezekiel and Sally to Disneyland, completing Ezekiel's dream of going to Disneyland one day.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Frank XrosHearts
Ezekiel Roy49
Izzy Zannabanna
Samuel TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Noah NZ Man123
Josh NZ Man123
Sally Henzzy
Geoff Henzzy
  • Alejandro appears but doesn't have any lines
  • The bear appears but is just sleeping.


  • This is the second episode of TDN4 to feature a bear. The other being Camping Campers.
  • This is the first ever reward challenge done on TDN4.
  • The idea for the challenge was thought up by Roy49.