With two members going to a funeral, the Excelsiors are left with three to compete. A host leaves the "campers" at the woods and as the challenge progresses two of each team's most skilled leaders attempt to lead their team to victory, but the leader of two beats the leader of one. In the end, a team swapper is sent home.

Episode 5Edit

This episode starts out with Chris saying that Alejandro and Gramps are at a funeral, which leaves the Excelsiors with three. Samuel is concerned when Ezekiel says his father traps him in the woods as a "friendly game". However, Ezekiel proves to have learned something from it. Meanwhile most of the Mahatma's panic and eat Energy bars, while Noah and Josh move on. Josh is revealed to know his berries when he tells Noah not to eat a poisonous berry named Nightshade. Meanwhile, the Excelsiors bump into a bear.

Harold and Samuel manage to walk around it quickly, but Ezekiel is shocked and can only offer the bear a berry, which the bear eats. It is revealed to be Nightshade and it kills the bear. They begin to run again, with Samuel up front, when Josh carrying a fainted Noah, passes Harold. In response, Harold throws a rock at the wilderness expert leaving him behind for a second. The Excelsiors then come across a raging river where Samuel jumps first and Josh comes out from behind and swings from a vine.

Ezekiel and Harold follow, as Harold trips and hurts himself, but quickly gets up. They are then near the Neighborhood, after a couple of hours. Ezekiel's eyes then turn red and he turns wild and possibly near feral. Samuel then arrives to the totem pole, where Chris advises Samuel to go to the totem pole. Samuel finishes, but tied with Josh and Zeke as Josh pulls out a sprint and Ezekiel rapid spins against the totem pole. Out of participation points, the Excelsiors win, and Mahatma's went to elimination where a person who used to be on the Excelsiors(Nathan) was sent home.

Who Played Who?Edit

Chris TrentFan
Samuel TrentFan
Harold TrentFan
Ezekiel Roy49
Josh NZ Man123
Noah NZ Man123
Sally Henzzy
Geoff Henzzy
Gramps Youre2490
Bear Roy49
  • Alejandro, Duncan, Nathan, and Frank appear but have no lines.


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