Brad Wong

Brad Wong, labeled The Drunken Fighter, is a debuter in Total Drama Toxic Neighborhood. He debuts by injuring Duke with glasses of OJ and a knife while trying to make a point to get beer. He somehow wounded up there, looking for the legendary drink "Getra", however he could have also been looking for Eliot.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Eliot - Probably the character he has had most interaction with, Brad ends up on Eliot's team at debut. They're partners (which is unlucky for Eliot). They trust each other AT TIMES. They share the same master, thus having a big part together. Both are needed for each other's character development.

Chris - Brad and Chris must have somehow known each other, since it seems like Chris offered Brad beer if he caught OJ. He, however, got three glasses of OJ and a knife which injured Duke. Chris has no respect for Brad.


  • Along with Eliot, he is a character from the Dead or Alive series.
  • He is currently the 3rd debuter in the game.