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I will burn your soul

Bob is a competiter in Total Drama Back to The Neighborhood.

Bob. J. OnionsEdit

Camps he has competed in:

Total Drama Back to the Neighbourhood

He LikesEdit

Spiritual offerings with his obsidean dagger

His pet bunny (fur dyed black) Thorn

Dying his hair blue

Studying black magic

Causing mayhem



Alex,Hwo,Lili,Dante and himself


He can give people his strength

He can manipulate chains to tie people up

he can throw knives with deadly accuracy

He can fire energy bolts from his hands

He can talk to and understand his pet bunny thorn




Thorn (his pet bunny)

Blossom ( his brothers pet bunny)

Alex (youngerTwin brother)

Favourite challengesEdit

Pizza Pizza:

This is the challenge were Bob and Alex pratically win the challenge by making a pizza that they make at home it is shown that Alex can fellet a squirlle and add many ingredients that seem random but actually turn the pizza into a 5 star thin crust low-carb gourmet pizza with the secret ingrediant squirlle breast


  • Even though he wants to be different he cant help caring for simple Alex
  • He loves Lili and has admited it