Alejandro was a competitor in TDN4. He was originally a member of Team Mahatma but ended up switching teams with Nathan to Team Excelsior. He was in the Purple Banditos and placed 7th. He was played by Youre2490.

What's Your Team NameEdit

Alejandro was made temporary team captain by Noah and chose the name Team Mahatma and chose the color blue. While they lost, they voted off Carrie for being inactive. He was then on known of as "Dat Muttiner"

Escape from the CityEdit

Alejandro only had one line saying "Seriously?" when Chris said the challenge was catching a gorilla. He was captured by the gorilla and saved by Samuel. He voted Katelyn.

Minigame ManiaEdit

Alejandro was pitted against Duncan, Ezekiel, and Nathan, but lost to Ezekiel and Nathan.

Camping CampersEdit

Alejandro and Gramps went to a funeral, leaving the Excelsiors handicapped, however the Excelsiors still beat the Mahatmas.

Chris a la ModeEdit

Alejandro was voted off first in the double elimination, but didn't have any lines.